Dream11 Apk Download and Win- Best Tips

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How to win in Dream11? There are over more than 100 million users playing contests in Dream11. So if you think you have to be always in first rank then it can be very hard or impossible. First of all, each game is here a money-investing game so it has also a risk to play each match. So, here are some quick advice to get good score in every match

Dream11 Apk Download

Are you troubled about getting access to Dream11? Looking for a Dream11 apk download? And make your cricket knowledge on peek?

So in this article, we would like to solve or fix all the problems while downloading Dream11 and learn about the Dream11 apk. How to download, how to play, how to win etc. etc.
After reading or completing this article you will be able to know everything related to this app
named Dream11. Many people don’t even know about Dream11 apk. Specifically, let’s learn about that first!

What is Dream11?

Dream11 is an ultimate fantasy sports app that offers several types of games. It was developed by Sports Technologies Private Limited in 2008. Here you can create your own fantasy team which is based on real-life matches. Also, You can win daily rewards, various cash prizes, and much more on a daily basis.

Generally, sports and games are played by all human beings all over the world. Different
individuals have different game choices. That’s why Dream11 also offers various types of
games, it consists of games like Cricket, kabaddi, football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, etc.
The user can get access to make all fantasy team of these games for live matches and play it.
You can improve your gaming knowledge and skill for your favorite game.

How to download Dream11 Apk?

It is simple to download and get access to Dream11 either on your smartphone, PC, or MAC.

There are some specific steps to download Dream11 apk, following are some ways –

How to download Dream11 on a PC or Laptop-
Running the Dream11 app on mobile is quite easy, but accessing it on PC is quite difficult.


First of all, you need to download and install Bluestack on your PC to run the Dream11 apk. It is used to access the Play Store on your PC.


Open Bluestack and after completing the sign-in process, type Dream11: Fantasy Cricket
The app in the search bar is visible in the top right corner.


Click on the install button coming in the search result and download to access Dream11 on your PC.

Now enjoy the game and make your winning fantasy team easily.

How to download Dream11 on a Mobile Phone

Accessing Dream11 on the phone is very easy, here don’t have to install any additional
application to run it.

Just follow some basic steps-


Open your Play Store. (already in your phone otherwise Enable it)

Now search for Dream11 app: Fantasy Cricket on the search bar.

Now click on the install button to access your Dream11: Fantasy Cricket App on your
phone easily.

Dream11 Apk Download

How to play Dream11 apk: Fantasy Cricket

Select your game

First, select which game you have to play to win the match.

Make a team

Here comes the tricky part, you have to make your own team by selecting your
demanding players. This time you need to play with your own experience. You should
eagerly know about the players which you have selected.

Find the Perfect contest

After making your team, find the best match where you have a piece of perfect
knowledge. You can easily join any upcoming contest for your favorite games.

Enjoy your winning

Now leave your phone or PC and get back to your sofa seat and enjoy the match. Keep
focussing on your selected players, each selected player will give you each point to win
your contest. The fantasy scorecard will update every 2 minutes in the Dream11 apk.

This is the most important part before making any team or playing any match. Either you have insane knowledge about that or you know all the players. But you always need to be updated about the player’s current history before selecting him.

Select the current players

After researching all the players now select each player one by one by checking their stats on
previous matches. Keep focussing on players which are in the form on that day not only your
favorite or famous players.

Select the perfect captain & Wise-captain

Your captain and wise captain, are the two selected players who are the root of your team and will give you the insane points to get the maximum score. So while making your fantasy team choose these two players wisely to get laudable points.

Invest in small leagues

As a newbie player, you don’t have much knowledge or experience with these Dream11 apk
matches. So, in earlier times go with short matches and join small leagues. These have fewer
chances of losing the game and can easily be preferred over all the new users.

Get a strong vision

There is always a risk in playing each match in dream11. While making the team or investing your money, always have a positive mindset to win the contest. Choose your team sharply and be calm in the live match until the game will be in your hand.

Dream11 Apk Download and Win- Best Tips FAQS

How many teams you can create in Dream11?

The maximum number of making teams in Dream11 is 20 on a selected contest at one.

How to withdraw earned money?

Win the match properly and to withdraw your money go to the “My Balance” page and find the “Wins” column. If your bank is confirmed then you are able to withdraw your amount. Just click on the “Withdraw” option and enjoy your earned money.

How can I reach to Dream11 helpline?

Dream11 offers about section where you can get their helping facility. Otherwise, their customer care number is 1800-572-9878.

Final Words

So, hope you have now a clear knowledge of Dream11: Fantasy Cricket App. So take a
risk and have a clear vision to start your first winning match. Always make sure you are
a new contestant here. You should join small leagues and invest less as a newbie.
Although I keep learning the Game. Best of luck with your first Game on Dream11.

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