How to Earn Money Online in India From Google | Best 05 Ways To Earn From Google

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Friends in 2021 it’s very easy to Earn from Google, there are lots of ways to earn easily from google and online sources.  In this article, I will guide you with a video of how you can easily earn from Home without investing single rupees but there are some Platforms where you have to invest some but if you want to go without investment then you can do.

How to Earn Money Online in India From Google

Here are the best Sources of Earning money.

1. Google AdSense.

2. Start Chanel on YouTube.

3. Create your Own Blog or Website.

4. Sell App on Play store.

5. Google Maps.


Sources 1: -How We Can Earn from Google AdSense

Friends if you Want to earn from google then without Google AdSense you may it’s not possible, however, once it’s given to give profit then millions of dollars google AdSense will earn for you, but there is one condition & the condition is patience.

Earn Money Online in India From Google

In simple ways, google AdSense puts ads on your blogs/websites & YouTube channels. Every year google is paying billions of dollars to the creators.

If you have any blog/websites or YouTube channel then you should have a good amount of traffic then easily you can earn from Google AdSense, without viewers google AdSense will not pay you anymore.

For Create a google AdSense account please click here and fill in the information.


Sources 2: – How we can Start Chanel on YouTube?

I am sure there no any much clarification is required for this point, Google Offers jobs on YouTube for everyone. what is left that you can’t find today on YouTube? Why not join this stage and bring in cash with Google?

Without going deep here is a quick look at the basic steps to earn money through YouTube.

Earn Money Online in India From Google

Step 1- Make your own YouTube channel (For Creating a YouTube channel one Gmail id is mandatory).

Step 2- Create the Best Quality Video. (Mobile, web camera, screen recording program anything can work)

Step 3- Upload a video with a good title, description & Tags and Also Don’t Forget to give a catchy thumbnail image.

Step 4- Repeat it every day until a promising number of subscribers gathers.


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When it occurs, there are a ton of conceivable outcomes. Apply for Google AdSense to bring in ads online with Google. As your recordings might even become famous online, making you a big name. Then, at that point, you can make recordings (supported) for organizations and can get decent pay. It is additionally one of Google’s online positions individuals are searching for.

You should learn video SEO for getting more views on your video, if you will get more views then your Revenue will come more.

Please note if you want to serve ads from Google AdSense on your YouTube channel then 4000hurs watch time & 1000 subscribers you should gain in the last 360 days.



Sources 3: -How We Can Create Own Blog or Website.

If I am sure many of you heard about blogging or may you watch videos too. Yes, it’s 100% real you can earn money from google by writing your skills or knowledge.

If you search on google indies’ top blogger, then you will know from India there are many more people is earning from blogging and affiliate. Here are some top bloggers’ names…

1.Amit Agarwal.


2.Harsh Agrawal.

3.Deepak Kanakaraju.

4.Pritam Nagrale.

They are professional bloggers in India and they are earning millions of dollars every month from google & Google AdSense.

Earn Money Online in India From Google


Now the question is how you can create a blog or website.

Friend if you really serious about the online field then please welcome but if you think I will create an easy blog and I will start earning from tomorrow then, let you know you have to write an article, you have to do SEO, you have to add Images in the articles.

Yes, it’s easy to create a blog but patience is most important if you work smartly then google will pay you, millions of dollars every month.

While creating an article you should not copy anyone, also a quality article is a must, if you write a long article with proper information then it’s very easy to rank on google.

There are two very easy ways to build your own website or blog…

1. Blogger.


Blogger: – Blogger is a platform where you Publish your passions on your way. Whether you’d like to share your knowledge, experiences, or the latest news, create a unique and beautiful blog for free & its own google Product only. The app is also available in the google play store.

To create a blog in Blogger you should buy one domain extension like .in, .com, .net, XYZ, etc., or else you can go through without domain extinction, but your free blog site will not look professional. There are lots of sites where you can easily buy domain extinction.

If you go with Blogger then you can’t design your blog on your own choice, because prebuild blogger template is coming especially for bloggers you have to go through it.

If you are new, then please don’t invest a single rupee you can go with Blogger (A free platform) once you start earning then you can go with WordPress.

WordPress: – WordPress is also the same as a blogger but here you have to invest some money for Publish your passions, knowledge, experiences. But trust me if you invest something in this platform then you can create a unique and beautiful website. On this platform you can manage easily your website, you can design as you want, and have lots of features you will get for managing your website.

To start your website in WordPress you have to Buy Hosting, in a simple language server. There is a lot of sites where you easily buy Hosting.

Sources 4: -How we can Sell App on the Play store.

As we know in this digital world people are so techy, they want every task easily and instantly. Assuming you need to bring in cash from Google, no question, applications are useful for that. Amusement, games, monetary exchanges, ticket appointments, all that today finishes through applications.

In the event that you have any novel plan to carry out on a gaming or fun application, then, at that point, bring it right into it. Make the application, show it on Google Play, and procure a benefit. You really want to gain proficiency with certain abilities like coding, which is a seriously simple undertaking to accomplish with the assistance of the web and online instructional exercises.

Earn Money Online in India From Google

This is the process to upload the app –

  • Create a Google Wallet Merchant Account.
  • Sign in and open up the section of ‘financial reports’.
  • Click on the ‘set up a merchant account now.
  • Upload your app and start earning.

Please Note – You cannot change a free app into a paid app. For that, you need to make a new app and then upload it. 

Sources 5: – How We Can Earn from Google Maps.

Google Maps is the most app all over the world. As you know, which makes it is a handy tool not to find locations only but also to earn money online with Google.

Earn Money Online in India From Google

I am telling you, we can make money to walk to you without much hard work. For instance,

  1. Give location review.
  2. Post photos.
  3. Edit and add location information.

This way you help Google in providing accurate information & data regarding places. Indirectly, helping your own community. Google will happily reward you with money for this critical information. Initially, the earning will be slow but with time you will witness huge profits.



So friend it’s very easy to earn money online with Google. I have given top 05 ways where you easily build your business model & become a successful full Entrepreneur. If you like this information, then please comment below & share it with others. Thank you very much.

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