The Ultimate Guide to Google AdSense Approval: Boost Your Earnings Today

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Google AdSense approval requirements In this article we are going to tell you how you can take Google AdSense approval easily. In this article, we will tell you very easy methods to get Google AdSense approval for your blog.

Friends as we know without Google AdSense approval we can’t earn money, so throw this article we will say to tell eight Google AdSense approval requirements that are very important for your blog website. I hope you will love these 8 methods and you will implement this method on your blog website and you will get Google AdSense Approval easily.

Google AdSense Approval Requirements

So friends here I have shared some important Google AdSense approval requirements, just read this article carefully and follow these methods on your blog website. I’ll take a guarantee from my end that you will get Google AdSense approval easily.

Write High-Quality Contents

Yes if you want to get success on a website on Google especially then you have to write high-quality content. If you don’t know how to write high-quality content then please refer to this video. In this video, I will tell you how you can write high-quality content or articles for your blog website. 

Friends, first of all, you have to do research related to your content idea and you have to get more ideas from Google or YouTube and start your article writing then you will easily Make high-quality content related to your keywords. 

Google AdSense Approval Requirements

Writing high-quality content it’s not mean you copied from other websites. If you do this then your website or blog will be terminated from Google. So make sure you have to write an article yourself or hire an article writer. If you don’t want to be a higher article writer then please refer above. It is a video for generating high-quality content for your blog website.

Buy TLD Domains

Top-level domains (TLD)  is very very helpful for getting Google AdSense approval for your blog website. We have seen lots of people who work online as bloggers not buying any TLD domains. That’s why they have failed in the blogging field. if you buy TLD domains through any website like Godaddy, hosting, name Cheap Then then you have an 80% chance to get Google AdSense approval. so please make sure if you’re starting blogging then you should buy one TLD domain for your blog website.

Sufficient Posts

As you know blogging means the market of content or post. for getting Google AdSense quickly you have to write a minimum of 35-40 Articles for your website. while writing an article you have to Max your all articles should be with proper information and are helpful. also, you have to check it should not be from other websites. but you have to write an article above 1500 words with correct information and proper images. If you write 35 to 40 then you will get Google AdSense approval very quickly but you have to give value to your readers through your article.

Valuable Content or Blog Post

Friends as we know content is king. if you give valuable content to your readers then your readers will come back again to your website. so if you writing any article related to any topic you should have proper information related to this keyword and you have to write a proper and Informative article related to that particular keyword if you want to engage your viewers or readers then you have to give a time on your block post you have to write proper article with full information to your viewers.

Google AdSense Approval Requirements

Other Advertising Networks

I have seen in the blogging field lots of people are looking for new ways to earn money whenever they come to Google AdSense. Google is asking for lots of requirements for approved Google AdSense for its blog website so they are going to other advertisement networks to earn money. After a few months, they will come back again to Google AdSense and apply but now they forward to remove that old advertisement code or other advertisement network codes from their blog website so that time also Google will not approve your website so please make you looking for Google AdSense for your block website then you have to remove that other advertisement from your website.

Blog Languages

As per Google policies there are some languages that can be approved by Google, So here I have given some languages list which can be approved by Google apart from this language your Google AdSense will not be approved if you are writing some other language which is not follow Google policy then your blog website will not be approved so here is the least if you have written any languages from this list then your blog website will approve my Google. Here is the list…

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Arabic
  • Hindi
  • Bengali
  • and many more.

Important Pages

For getting Google AdSense approval you have to add some most important pages to your website or block posts if you see this video which is attached by me at the top of this article on that video I have clearly told you some of the most important pages you need to add into your blog website…

Google AdSense Approval Requirements

1. About us.

2. Contact Us

3. Privacy policy

4. Disclaimer 

5. Terms and Conditions.

Without these important pages, Google will not approve your AdSense Account.

Blog Design

Friends there are lots of templates available on the internet If you are using blogger and if you’re using WordPress then also lots of themes are available on the websites and plugins. for your Google AdSense account, you should have a proper block design with categories for your blog website like the picture below….. 

For WordPress users, I will suggest you best theme for you is Newspaper and Generatepress full stop, and for bloggers, I will suggest the best template link oil given below throw this link you will download the best blogger template, or else you just contact me or else comment me willow I’ll give you best template for you. 

FAQ For Google AdSense Approval Requirements

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Last Words.

In this article, I have said you total of 8 Google AdSense approval requirements. If you fully feel these requirements then you will 100% get approval. if you have any questions then please or else if you want to contact me then go to Instagram through my YouTube channel. I have attached one video top of the article and in the About section, I have given my Instagram ID if you have any questions then please go through that and comment to me or just follow me on Instagram and message me I will definitely help you for approved your Google AdSense. Thank You

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