How to Apply PF Online? How to Withdraw PF Online After Leaving Job

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How to Apply PF Online? The Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF), often called the PF (Provident Fund), is a mandatory savings and retirement plan for employees of eligible organizations. Employees can draw or Apply PF Online when they retire.


According to the EPFO rules, employees must contribute 12 percent of their monthly payment each month to the fund. Employers contribute a matching sum to an employee’s PF account. The money deposited into EPF accounts is credited with interest every month.

How to Withdraw PF Online After Leaving Job?

Employees can withdraw the total amount that they have accrued in their EPF when they retire. This article will explain how to withdraw funds prematurely out of their EPF account when they satisfy certain requirements.


When can you withdraw EPF?

One can decide to stop taking EPF either in whole or in part.


Complete Removal

EPF can be completely withdrawn in any of the following conditions:

  • If an individual retires
  • Suppose a person is without work for longer than 2 months. To withdraw funds, the person needs to obtain an attestation from a designated office.

Individuals cannot make a full withdrawal of EPF balances when they change employers if they’re not without work for two or more months (i.e., the period in between changing jobs).


Procedure for EPF Redrawal

In general, the EPF withdrawal EPF is possible by submitting:

  1. Physical application
  2. Application online


Physical Application

Download the updated Composite Claim Formula (Aadhaar)/Composite Claim Form (non-Aadhaar) to take out your EPF balance.


Composite Claim Form (Aadhaar)

  1. Utilize to fill out the composite claim form (Aadhaar) if you have seeded your Aadhaar number and bank account details through the UAN portal and if your UAN is active.
  2. Complete and send the form to the appropriate EPF office in the jurisdiction. EPFO office, without the signature of the employer.


Composite Claim Form (Non-Aadhaar)

  1. You can fill out the composite claim form (Non-Aadhaar) if the Aadhaar number is not registered through UAN. UAN portal.
  2. Complete and submit the form and the employer’s signature to the relevant EPFO office in the jurisdictional EPFO office.


It is also worth noting that in the case of the partial withdrawal of EPF amount from an employee due to various reasons, as mentioned in the table above, in recent times, the requirement to provide different certificates has been eliminated, and the possibility of self-certification was introduced for EPF subscribers.


Online Application

The EPFO has developed an online withdrawal service that makes the whole process easier and quicker.



To request the removal of EPF online via EPF’s portal, be sure that the following conditions are met.

  1. The Universal Account Number (UAN) has been activated. Additionally, the mobile number used to activate the UAN is functioning.
  2. It is the UAN linked to your KYC, i.e., Aadhaar, PAN, bank information, and your IFSC code.

If all the conditions above are satisfied, there is no requirement for the former employer to verify the withdrawal request.

How to Apply PF Online

The steps to apply for EPF Withdrawal Online through UAN Portal


Step 1: Go to UAN’s portal.


Step 2: Login using the UAN along with your username and password. You must enter the captcha.


Step 3: Click the menu ‘Manage’ and then select KYC to verify whether your KYC information like Aadhaar, PAN, and bank information have been verified or not.


Step 4: After your KYC details have been verified, click the ‘Online Services’ tab and select “Claim (Form-31, 19, and 10C) from the menu dropdown.


Step 5: The next screen will show the member information, KYC details, and other information regarding the service. Enter the number of your bank account and click “Verify.”


Step 6: click “Yes” to sign the company declaration and proceed.


Step 7: You can click on ‘Proceed to Claim Online.’ Claim’.


Step 8: On your claim application, choose the type of claim you want to apply for, i.e., the complete EPF settlement, EPF partial withdrawal (loan/advance), or pension withdrawal under the tab ‘I’d Like to Apply for.’ 


Suppose the participant is not eligible for any of these options like PF retirement or withdrawal because of requirements for service. In that case, the option will not be listed on the menu dropdown.


Step 9: Next, choose “PF Advance (Form 31) to take out your funds. Also, you must specify the reason for the loan, the total amount, and the employee’s address.


Step 10: Click the certificate, and submit your application. You might be required to submit scans of documents because you’ve filled in the form.


Your employer must be able to approve the withdrawal request, and only then can you receive funds in the bank account. It generally takes about 15 days for the money to be added to your account in the bank.


What are the forms that are used to apply for EPF withdrawal?


Form 19 of the EPF


It is necessary to use EPF Form 19 to withdraw your EPF Formula 19 to take out EPF funds to make your final payment. The EPF Formula 19 is 2 pages long and contains each section below.


The first of this form shows the name of the person who is on it, his spouse’s name or father’s name, birth date, the name and address of the company, date of joining, and date of departure from the company. 


UAN and PF Account Number and full address for postal purposes and PAN (Permanent Account Number) the reasons for leaving the company and the method of payment. The signatures of the employee and employer.


You can find the advanced stamped payment receipt on the next page. It is mandatory to fill out this section only if you have selected a cheque as the mode of payment.


How do you Fill in EPFO Form 19? EPF Formula 19?

You may apply to transfer or withdraw the EPF corpus if you leave or change jobs. Fill out this form online or offline to delete the EPF funds.

How to fill in Formula 19 of the EPF on the internet:

  1. Visit the EPFO website to log in with the UAN (Universal Account Number), password, and captcha.
  2. Then, click on the Online Services tab then select “Claim (Form 31, Form 19, Form 10C, and Form 10D)”.
  3. Enter the number of your bank account linked to your PF account, and then click “Verify.”
  4. A “Certificate of Undertaking” pop-up will be displayed, at which point you have to click the ‘Yes’ option to continue.
  5. A drop-down menu appears under the ‘I’d like to apply’ option.
  6. You have to select ‘Only PF Withdrawal (Form 19).’
  7. The next screen will open another section where you can input your complete permanent address.
  8. When entering your address, check off the disclaimer, and click on’Get Aadhaar’ OTP.’
  9. Enter the OTP that you receive from your registered mobile number, verify your Aadhaar and move on to the next stage.
  10. You will receive an ID number after the processing of your request.

How to Apply PF Online

How to Fill in Formula 19 of the EPFO on the internet:

The form must be downloaded through the EPFO portal and then taken as a printout. Fill in your PF account number and the bank account’s number and IFSC code PAN, joining and expiration date of employment, your permanent address, the mode of payment, a Revenue stamp, and a check that has been canceled to confirm the bank account.


EPF Form 31

You can utilize Form 31 for a partial withdrawal or take advantage of an advance on the EPF account. You can use Form 31 through the UAN portal. But, you must have the bank account information, PAN, and Aadhaar information to be updated on the portal to be eligible for an EPF advance.


How do I complete EPFO Form 31 on the internet?

  1. Visit the EPFO portal, sign in to the portal using your UAN or password, then enter your Captcha code.
  2. After that, you can go to the “Online Services’ tab and click “Claim” to create an online claim.
  3. When you click on “Claim,” a page is displayed with your name, father’s name, DOB Aadhaar number, your PAN date of joining the organization, and your mobile number.
  4. Click on “Proceed to Online Claim. After confirming all the necessary information.
  5. It is recommended that you choose the “PF Advance (Form 31) ” from the dropdown menu.
  6. Then, you select the reason to take the EPF advance and then provide your current address and the amount.
  7. You have to sign the disclosure and check the box that says ‘Get Aadhaar OTP.’
  8. You must enter the OTP by clicking on ” Validate OTP ” and then submit the Claim Form.

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How do you apply for a Home loan based on EPFO Accumulation?


You can borrow up to 36 times your monthly payment to buy an apartment. If you’re buying land, you may borrow at least 24 times the amount of your last monthly payment. You must have been in the service for at least five straight years to take advantage of the loan.


The procedure listed below to apply for a home loan that is based on your EPF balance

You can apply for a mortgage through the housing society. Then submit the application in the format specified by the EPF Commissioner using the format provided in Annexure 1. 


In return, the EPF Commissioner must issue you a certificate that outlines the amount of your monthly contribution to your EPF account for the last three months.


You can also take an image from your EPF passbook to display the three months’ earnings and then submit it to the housing association to determine the amount you can take from the EPF balance.


Follow these steps to get a home loan via this portal. UAN Member Portal:


Step 1: Login into UAN Member e-Sewa.

Step 2: Choose the tab for Online Services and then click on the “Claim (Form-31, 19, and 10C) Option.

Step 3: The details of the member appear. Enter the number of your bank account registered by EPF, and then click “Verify.”

Step 4: Click “Yes” to sign your certificate.

Step 5: Choose the ‘Proceed to an Online Claim’ selection. Specify the reason you are requesting an advance in the section titled “I’m Interested in Applying For’. The appropriate options will be available if you’re eligible for service.

Step 6: Choose the option ‘PF Advance (Form 31) to withdraw your money as an advance or be a loan. In addition, you must enter the amount you wish to use as well as the address of the employee.

Step 7: Click the certificate, and then click apply. If asked, you could be required to upload documents.

Step 8: EPFO processes your application. Once approved, EPFO makes the payment directly to the housing association.

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