How To Make Folders on an iPhone

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Hello, iPhone users in this article we will discuss How To Make Folders on an iPhone using this instruction, you can quickly create folders on your iPhone to categorize and access your apps.

Keeping your iPhone’s apps and files in a disorganized pile on the home screen and the Files app will only get you so far. To find what you’re looking for fast and to lessen the amount of clutter on your Home Screen, you’ll need to create folders for your apps and files. You’ll need to organize your software and data for this.

If you’d want to learn How To Make Folders on an iPhone and get your Files and Home Screen neat, read on!

Modify your iPhone’s default setup to suit your needs

The Launcher software allows for advanced customization of the Home Screen. You may choose between iOS, Mac + iOS, or Power User as one of Setapp’s three membership plans.

You may create new folders on your iPhone by tapping the screen

Creating folders on the Home Screen of your iPhone and moving apps into them is the first step towards better app organizing. Here is the proper way to have things done.

To create a folder, open the first app you want to add to the folder by pressing and holding it, and then drag it onto the second app you want to be in the same folder (if you have several Home Screens, ask yourself, “Which Home Screen do I want to organize my applications on iPhone in?”). If your iPhone has more than one Home Screen, you may choose the one you wish to use by asking yourself, “Which Home Screen do I want to organize my apps in?”

Wait until a transparent frame appears around the app you dragged the other app onto before releasing the first app and dropping it onto the second app.

Both programs will be saved in a separate folder for safekeeping

Want to learn more about how to make folders on iPhone to better manage your apps? You may easily integrate new software by dragging and dropping it into the existing folder. You may also rearrange the icons on this or any other iPhone Home Screen to make room for a new app folder.

Files are where you’ll find the option to create new folders on your iPhone.

You’ll need to know how to create folders to use the Files app on your iPhone.

Appearing as a blue folder icon, this program is one of several that comes with every iPhone.

The Files app on the iPhone allows you to organize your files in several ways.

From your iPhone’s Home screen, open the app in question, and tap the ellipsis in its upper-right corner:

Create Make Folders on an iPhone

To create a new folder, choose the “New Folder” option.

A new folder will be generated instantly, and you may change its name of it right away:

Just as on the Home Screen, you can move your newly formed folder around by dragging and dropping its contents.

The optimal layout for an iPhone’s app folders

After learning the fundamentals of iPhone folder creation, we can move on to the next step: arranging your apps in a way that best suits your needs.

To begin going, rename your folders to accurately represent their contents

If you create a new folder on your iPhone’s Home Screen and don’t give it a name, iOS will do it automatically. Select “Rename” from the menu that appears when you press and hold an item until a drop-down menu appears.

Change the name of a directory that contains software

To rename a folder, select it and then tap the Rename button.

Now, keeping track of your programs is easy by creating folders for each task and dragging and dropping the relevant programs into those locations.

This might take up to a minute, so we appreciate your patience. To further arrange your applications, you may create folders inside folders, but, starting with iOS 16.0, this feature will no longer be available to you. You may do this by moving some of your programs to the folder’s subsequent page by dragging and dropping them.

Select the app you want to relocate by pressing and holding it and then dragging it to the folder’s edge while being cautious not to pull it out of the folder. When you transfer an app to a new page, the OS will automatically create the following page inside your folder, so you may drop it there.

Keep in mind how to make folders Iphone that when an iPhone folder is shown on the Home Screen, the user may only access the apps that appear on the top page of that folder.

Before you allow the notion of generating all the folders you want to make on iPhones to overwhelm you, let’s have a look at some examples of the many kinds of folders that may be created:

Networking sites

It is about social media platforms and related apps like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter.

The best way to pass the time while waiting in line is to play some games, so feel free to save all of your favorites here. Productivity

Timer apps like Session, email clients like Canary Mail, task managers like MindNode, NotePlan, and 2Do, as well as translators, VPNs, cleaners, and so on, would benefit greatly from this.

Finance Use programs like Expenses and Chronicle to maintain a running tally of your spending and manage your money. It’s not just about your Excel chart and the Calculator software; they are only the beginning.

If you often travel domestically or abroad, you are likely to make extensive use of the resources available in the Travel section of your library. Apps for local taxis, restaurants, cell providers, and postal services are just a few examples.


Get all of your messaging and email apps, such as WhatsApp and Signal, as well as any others you use, in order.


Why not have a single app that can be used to shop at every store, from a grocery store to an electronics shop to a clothing boutique?

If you utilize the iPhone app Launcher, you may make better use of your Home Screen real estate.

With this software, you can turn your iPhone’s Home Screen into a centralized hub for managing and organizing your applications.

Using the Shortcuts app, which comes preinstalled on every iPhone, you can create personalized shortcuts to your favorite websites, apps, and even specific actions. Launcher lets you install widgets, and the Shortcuts app enables you to make shortcuts to do specified activities.

You may quickly access albums, artists, and other related information with the use of launcher widgets.

If you want to customize your iPhone’s home screen and add new features with widgets from your favorite apps, Launcher is the right software for the task.

Where exactly are folders stored on an iPhone?

You may choose an option from the menu that displays at the bottom of the screen by clicking Browse. If you don’t see the Browse screen, tap the Browse button again. To quickly access your most recently used files, just tap the Recents button at the bottom of your screen. You may open a file, location, or folder by tapping on it.

Do you organize content on your iPhone using folders?

You may create folders on your device’s Home Screen pages to categorize your apps and make them easier to discover.

How many applications may be stored in a folder on an iPhone?

The latest iOS 9 increases that amount to 16. Looking at the folder makes it harder to make out the icons of the programs included there.


If you have the time and patience to sort your apps into folders and control the flow of work on your iPhone, you now know that doing so is a simple process. One of the most typical movements on the iPhone is to press and hold an object and then drag it to a new position, which is also how new folders are made. The tips above will help you maximize your phone’s potential and be well-prepared for whatever the day may bring.

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