What is 5G Technology | Everything You Need To Know About 5G

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What is 5G Technology? By starting this topic, we need to know about previous, it means past of this. And the past of this 5g is 1g, 2g, 3g, 4g technologies.

5g technology means 5th generation technology, day by day all and everything is going upgraded, like that only in this 1st generation technology was upgraded to 2nd generation technology, 2nd generation upgraded to 3rd generation technology, 3rd generation upgraded to 4th generation and now the most upgraded technology is 5th Generation technology.

What is 5G Technology?

Mainly we can say 5G is the fifth generation of cellular technology. In this technology as compare to previous cellular technology, it will work fast and in this technology everything is upgraded with new core network and new spectrum frequency and many more. And as compare to 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G it is highly upgraded and you can say vast technology.

And the main thing , by using this you can say it is a platform for new innovations or you can say discovery. And the most Important thing for the businessman or companies who involved in it, will generate the higher revenue means you can say they will generate 2 times more revenue than 4G technology.

And the main thing which you can say this technology ( 5g technology ) is the answer to increase the traffic of data. And one of the important information is, the group of standards organizations responsible for 5G is called 3GPP ( 3rd generation partnership project ).


Comparison of 5G technology to the previous technology ( 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G )

As we all know that this cellular network technology started from 1G, it means 1st generation and now it is on 5th generation. In 1st generation the telecom engineers unlocked the mobile voice. And then he came to innovate 2G means 2nd generation of this technology.

 And in 2nd generation they ( telecom engineers ) added the features messaging ( simple messaging features). 

5G Technology
5G Technology

And after many  times they failed many times in innovation of 3G, means in 3rd generation of telecom technologies. And finally he got success, and the new features what they added in 3rd generation technology was the cloud will handle mobile voice, messaging and data. And because of this reasons, this technology means 3rd generation technology was very much faster than 1G technology and 2G technology.

And after this upgradation they ( telecom engineers ) failed many times and when they started to innovate 4G technology, they were not able to give the cause of launching this technology, because when they discovered this, this technology was proved so much harmful for living beings which are living in this creatures. After sometime they started to solve the issues one-by-one. And at last the Indian government approved this 4G technology. And the new thing that was upgraded in 4G was very fast data network as compared to other technology and this is the main thing (data speed ) which cause the growth in smart devices like smartphones, smartwatches, WIFI etc. Mainly you can say 5G is the new generation of wireless communication. This 


About 5G technology Upgradation ( 4G upgraded to 5G )     

In 5th generation technology, everything will get more exciting, because it will connect everything, which is not in 4G technology. According to the telecom developers 5th generation technology will connect everything what peoples want to be in todays world, for example : it will connects human beings, machine, objects and devices. You can say 5G is a fueling massive digital shift, from product development to transportation, from entertainment to agriculture.

After coming 5G technology many things will be change. With 5th generation technology things will get even more exciting, because of the reason of this reason only ( it will connect everything ). Mainly 5th generation technology can be deployed as a private network or it may a network slice, means both which can further customize and enable the cloud continuum. The main thing you can say 5th generation technology is the new generation of communications. And we can say this new communication standard will require additional frequency bands.

And according to the Companies which are related to telecom, this 5G technology will help to grow the Indian economy. And the GDP will grow and the economy of the country will also grow.

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Difference Between 5G and 4G Technology.

Now in 4G technology we know that the current mobile communications standard is known as LTE ( Long Term Evolution ). By using this coverage of network and speed, this 4th generation technology covers all the needs of consumers and one of the most important thing in this is that, it offers a sufficient data rate for a variety of every applications, such as messaging ( means exchanging data ) and online streaming on social media or any other place, etc.

And 5G technology, it can do a whole lot more than just digital telephony and wireless internet. End of LTE is not the introduction of 5th generation technology. This technology will enable higher capacities and faster network speeds in the future. This technology will fully support digitalization, you can say this technology is a digitalization friendly technology.

This technology will show the real world of network. 5th generation technology will enable instantaneous connectivity to billions of device, the truly connected world. It will enables everything smart, for example : smart colleges, smart homes etc. And at final we can say  5th generation of wireless technology provides higher speed, lower latency and greater capacity than 4th generation of technology and LTE networks. And by its high speed, low latency and massive capacity, 5G Ultra Wideband could make drone delivery. It is one of the latest and most vast technologies the world has ever seen before. It has ultra speed up to 10 times faster than median 4G LTE speeds.


Offers of 5G technology.
  1. mIoT ( Massive Internet of Things )
  2. MCS ( Mission Critical Service )
  3. Network Slicing
  4. Private Wireless
  5. eMBB ( Enhanced mobile broadband )


So Here I have Given Some Interesting Information about 5G Technology. Also I Have Tried to Explained about 4G & 5G Technology Benefits.

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