Wondershare Filmora Review | Wondershare Filmora Best Features

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What Is Wondershare Filmora?

“FILMORA” is mainly an editing site or you can also say software. This software was first released in 2015. At that time we were knowing it as ‘WONDERSHARE VIDEO EDITOR’ This software is developed by ‘WONDERSHARE’. In this software, we can edit videos and audio. The library of this software is compatible with WINDOWS and macOS. The software is switching between local and online installation.


‘WONDERSHARE FILMORA’ has eye calm interface and it offers lots of effects ( 89 and something). And it also gives text tools and filters with basic or beginning video cutting and good output effects.


‘FILMORA’ is one of the most popular video editing apps or you can say most popular software for editing, because of its friendly interface. In this app (software) you can save your video in any format and at whatever resolution you wish. 


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The beginner can also use this software. Free trials are also available (for beginners) to demo the product before purchasing. But there is a premium level also here, you can take a premium by paying after the demo or before the demo as your wish.


After taking premium (now you are a premium customer) we can easily take all facilities of premium level. The conventional features of this software are timeline, preview window and effects library, etc. ‘FILMORA’ has a range of effects and assets that really help the production of the final product without looking cheesy.


In the newer version of ‘FILMORA’ supports 4k video which has a great effect on the project. It helps to make the video clips unique with the solutions that allow us to add audio, special effect, movie filters, titles in motion, and more. 


The best thing about FILMORA is that it provides us with too many functions to edit our video or project and it’s a professional platform. Filmora is a platform where the almost maximum size of clip can be added to be edited although, after completion, it makes the massive size of the file, it depends upon pixels and effects you used in your project.


It is very easy to use and clearly can give a very professional look to your video, or can even be good enough to edit audio.


The free version of ‘FILMORA’ has a watermark which impacts not so good to your project, if you remove the watermark by taking a subscription then your video quality will be fine & Best.


Wondershare Filmora Review




An easy desktop software (editor or editing software) along with preset video and effects and templates also.


It is a pro version. For the use of this version, we have to pay or you can say we should take a premium. We can also say it is a premium version. It is more valuable or more multitasker than simple ‘FILMORA’. It has the premium effect and more standard features such as animation based on keyframe and effect of customization.


It is a mobile version of the software. It is developed for ANDROID and iOS smartphones. We can also say it is a flexible version. We use this for simple use or for common use. 


It is a screencap software (or screen recorder software or application) for windows with built-in editing tools.

Features of wonder share Wondershare Filmora 

  • In ‘WONDERSHARE  FILMORA’ you can remove or add custom         

             Background to videos.

  • In ‘WONDERSHARE FILMORA’  you can import as many videos as          

                    you wish (from an online source such as social networks ) and convert

                     them to a single video with a hire’s output.

  • With ‘WONDERSHARE FILMORA’, you can add filters, text, description, transitions, and elements to a video.
  • It includes an all-effects pack compatible with the latest version of ‘FILMORA’.
  • You can edit and overlay videos.
  • It can carry out other unpredictable video editing functions such as montage or compositing.
  • By using ‘WONDERSHARE FILMORA’ we can trim or cut the video without transcoding.
  • By using ‘FILMORA’ users can drag or drop moving graphics into their videos.
  • Users can also combine multiple videos or audios and images seamlessly and choose the perfect royalty-free song from a library of music.

Wondershare Filmora Review

  • FILMORA utilizes up to 100 layers of media to create epic stories with ease.
  • It accesses a vast of motion elements, filters, overlays, transitions, animated titles, and royalty-free music.
  • It also accesses advanced audio editing (use keyframe, background noise removal, audio equalizer, and other tools to perfect your sound).
  • It has powerful compositing tools (create new worlds by layering clips, applying blending modes, and changing your backgrounds with chroma-key (green screen).
  • ‘FILMORA’ has over 800 amazing effects.
  • It provides all the essential functions to build a compelling video narrative.
  • You can also customize a file for a specific device such as a smartphone or tablet or it has also the ability to upload your video to sharing services such as youtube, Facebook.
  • Most of the video editors only support for windows operating system, but this software is used in both WINDOWS and MacOS.
  • ‘FILMORA’ strikes the perfect balance of features and ease of use and is a good choice for most video editing professionals as well as novices. 
  • With its advanced time-space, simple video editing allows us to cut unnecessary pieces or to insert new effects and pictures into existing work. 
  • It is not much costly, (if we don’t use this we should hire a person for this and we should pay this will be much more costly than this software). 
  • It allows easy flexibility from a beginner videographer that all apps can’t handle.
  • You can directly share your story (adapt your content to any platform and upload it directly from filmora). 


Pricing overview of ‘FILMORA’ 

Firstly ‘Filmora’ gives you ( or offers you ) free trial download (general things), when you will ready to pay, it gives you the option of a subscription model (as other apps do for ‘Premiere Pro’.

Both ‘Window and macOS’ versions cost $51.99 per year ( this is discounted price). 



hello Viewers in this article I have given a basic overview of WONDERSHARE  FILMORA, we hope you really like this review post if any question you have then please comment below, and also please advise us if we have forgotten to add. Thank you

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